Group Runs

These sessions are for members of Andover Runners

Group Runs are scheduled throughout the year except for holiday times such as Christmas, Easter and Bank Holidays

Mondays at 11.00 am
Mondays at 6.30 pm
Thursdays at 7.30 pm

You are asked to state whether or not you will be attending for each session via the facebook group page. This is so that the session can be cancelled if there are not enough people. After all if only one person of a particular standard says they are coming then they might as well run alone from home.

We do not train on snow or ice.

For up to date announcements refer to website or social media.

Stay Safe

All runners are expected to buddy up with another in the group in order to chat, find the way and most importantly to look out for each other.

All runners must wear running kit suitable for the time of year. For dark evenings everyone must have reflective clothing and ideally lights

Each session begins with a warm up to avoid injury and to get moving more easily. Route maps will be available online plus a printed copy for perusal at meet-up.

Groups will take part in the run at their own risk. We are all adults and therefore able to behave responsibly. Look out for yourself and everyone you are running with. Routes are shared with other pedestrians, cyclists and motor traffic.