Everyone who comes along to the training sessions is an individual. This means that each person’s fitness is also individual as is the goal. The first session will involve finding out what sort of training is suitable. The groups tend to be mixed in ability but that is fine. The one thing that everyone has in common is the search for improvement.

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Each session is structured to include: warm-up, stretching, drills and running.

The actual exercises and runs are possible for everyone to complete because they are graded according to ability. The best bit is that you will completing your activity alongside others. No one is “better” than anyone else – they are just at different stages.

Everyone improves. However, it is not enough to be told what you must do – you must really push yourself to achieve what is possible.


Beginners start with gentle walk-jog. The jogging will be short burst of about 30 seconds with walking between each for about 10 minutes. Over the weeks the jogging lengthens until it can be sustained for 30 minutes.


The aim here is to get people running for maybe a full hour. At this stage encouragement and advice is given to prepare for the local parkrun of 5k. The sessions will be about sustainability of running and setting goals which are achievable.


People already classed as runners. Speed varies between individuals. Comfortable distance will be at least 10k. At this point much emphasis is on strength and speed.

Don’t worry about which group you fit into, just come along to find out where you fit in. Everyone starts the sessions together with warm up exercises before splitting into ability levels.

We do like to have a bit of fun and a chat during the sessions!