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The following is part of the press release I sent to Andover Advertiser

Andover Runners are pleased to be supporting #RunAndTalk an England Athletics campaign, supported by Mind the mental health charity, to improve mental wellbeing through running and to break down the stigma associated with mental health by getting people talking about it.

The event is supported by a network of over 350 volunteer England Athletics Mental Health Champions who are active in affiliated athletics and running clubs and RunTogether groups across England to support those of us who are experiencing mental health problems. The support available includes helping people to start running, get back into running, or continue running as well as to improve the mental wellbeing of their existing members.

The #RunAndTalk campaign aims to improve mental health through running in England by:

  • getting people talking about mental health, sharing their experiences and removing stigma
  • raising awareness of mental health problems
  • supporting people experiencing mental health problems to be physically active through running, whether that is to support them in starting, returning to or continuing to run

We’re often told that physical activity is good for our bodies and our minds but having a mental health problem can make it difficult to get started, for a number of reasons, ranging from negative body image, or a lack of self-esteem through to practical reasons such as having no one to go with, or not knowing where to get started.Andover Runners are organising a run on 11th October at 7.30 pm from Royce Close, West Portway. The run will be 5 kms and will include options for walking, jogging and running so everyone is welcome whether new to running, looking to get back into it or a regular runner. This is a free session.

To register to join us on the run visit


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