Why should you join Andover Runners? For various training sessions, discounts and access to Andover Runners kit plus members only online sites. Read on . . . .


These are for members and newcomers seeking to join.

Group runs are being organised in order to include everyone in social outings which will engender fitness, weight loss and fun.

These runs will start and finish from various locations in and around Andover depending upon time of year. The venues will be included in the events calendar.

The length of each run will vary to cater for the individuals taking part. This means that there will be a choice of distance from about 2 miles to 6 miles. Longer runs will be planned if there are big enough groups to warrant this. For the shorter runs individuals can decide whether to run, jog or walk. For the longer runs members should be able to run the distance.

Maps will be published online so that everyone can be confident of knowing the way. Access to the maps will be in the Members area of this website. As these will only be available to members you will be asked to take any newcomer as a buddy to make sure they arrive back safe and sound.

You are asked to state for each session whether or not you will be attending via the facebook group page. This is so that the session can be cancelled if there are not enough people. After all if only one person of a particular standard says they are coming then they might as well run alone from home.

We do not train on snow or ice.

For up to date announcements refer to website or social media.


There will be discounts for members for most training courses. Training sessions arranged purely for members will incur no extra fees.


For Members there is a closed group on facebook where you will be able to make comments and share your achievements. You can also upload photographs of sessions and events so that everyone knows what is happening.

The Members website will include route maps, calendars and news.


Soon we will have kit which will distinguish us from other runners. This will include such items as: t-shirts, vests, hi viz vest, hoodie, hat, neck tube.


One of the best things about joining a running group is that you regularly meet up with like minded people – you get to know them – to like them- to become friends. Each run is undertaken with the encouragement and support of friends. You in turn will be a friend to others and help them with their running. For some this friendship spills over into life outside running (is there such a thing?)


Come along to one of our group runs to take part and see if you like us! Then you can decide to join. Go to the Subscription Page, fill in your details and pay a subscription. You will receive an entry to the closed part of this website and the facebook page.

Your subscription runs for the whole year (if you choose annual) so renews automatically at the time of year you made your first payment. There is therefore no payment for time that has already passed. Everyone gets exactly what they have paid for unlike other organisations which have a bulk start date.


You must be over 18 years of age. There is no upper age limit – in fact we welcome older runners who want to retain their fitness.