About Me

Jean Taylor – Master Coach

Here is a quick resume of qualifications and experience:

My main career was in teaching for well over 30 years.
BA (Hons);  Cert. Ed.

I have been an Athletics Coach for the past 25 years.

Level 4 Performance Coach, specifically for the Marathon but covering all Endurance events. Master Coach

Over the years I have attended various Conferences, Workshops and Courses. Major courses have been with top level National Coaches, notably residential courses at St Mary’s, Twickenham and Loughborough University.

My other love in athletics is Long Jump which I undertook a course of study and training at Loughborough

Under the auspices of the College of Preceptors again at Loughborough I took a course on athletics for teachers.

I am also a qualified Life Coach
Cert in Life Coaching

As you will see from the above, I am very interested in helping people to develop their full potential. I enjoy seeing others blossom as they achieve their goals.

For the majority of my sessions I take a whole range of people from the very slow to the very fast, male and female, from youngsters (18 years and over) through to senior citizens (up to 80 years of age and beyond)

I coach so called fun runners, record breakers and military personnel. Beginners, improvers and competitive runners are all welcome.

I am always pleased to receive your queries and ideas. Have patience – I don’t get round to replies as quickly as I would like sometimes.